Company Profile

CV. MINING INDUSTRY Silica, is a company that has been experienced in exploration and mining minerals C for 30 years. The form is the first company Trade Enterprises (UD). Location of mining permits in the region of the second level of Langkat.

With the concept of market-oriented businesses, the company managed to market the products from the mining of quartz sand with the best quality to large-scale glass manufacturers in North Sumatra.

Along with the increase of the location of a mining license and market demand, then in 1985, the status and form of the company changed from UD into CV, with the goal of keeping control of production processes and services to consumers can be further enhanced.

Currently, production from the mining of quartz sand, gravel, sertu, and bentonite. Mining products are marketed to manufacturers of steel foundry, water treatment companies, and manufacturers kramik. Still, the company added production capacity of the target amount that has been achieved during the given production capacity of mining permits some locations are still available for exploration.